Archangel Michael


The honoured Archangel Michael, the head of the hosts of heaven, who stands at all times before the great throne of God, intercedes on behalf of the human race. 

Michael the Archangel was with all the saints and martyrs. He strengthened them and enabled them to endure patiently until they finished their strife. Archangel Michael is commemorated on the twelfth day of each Coptic month. Additionally, the Coptic Church celebrates two major feasts for Archangel Michael annually: One on 19 June, and one on 25 November.

His name is commemorated in all Coptic liturgies and a special doxology is sung for him each night in the Midnight Psalmody.

Intercede on our behalf, O holy Archangel, Michael the ruler of the heavenlies, that God may forgive us our sins.