Archangel Michael Monastery is open for visits and overnight spiritual retreats on weekends by booking online through the website or telephoning the monastery directly on: 8872 8480. Bookings are not required to attend weekend liturgical services.


- On Saturdays and Sundays females are welcome to spend a day at the monastery. Sunday School groups (aged 13 and over) are also welcome to come for a morning or afternoon visit.

- All girls under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their servants.

- Please contact the monastery to discuss a programme to suit your needs.


- Due to the limited number of beds at the monastery, spiritual retreat is available for ten females for an overnight stay at any given time.

- The age requirement for overnight retreats 18 years of age and over. 

- Retreatants are welcome to stay at the monastery for one or two nights from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Please click on the GUIDELINES tab to see what you'll need to bring for your stay.

- Please contact us to arrange a programme to suit your needs.

- Single women under the age of thirty who are seriously considering monastic life will be permitted to attend the midnight praises, prayers, and liturgies with the nuns between Monday and Sunday. For inquiries, please contact the monastery.


- Females aged 13 and over are welcome to attend all liturgical services at the monastery on weekends and no booking is necessary.

- SATURDAYS - Midnight Praises: 5-7am.  Vespers: 6pm

- SUNDAYS - Midnight Praises: 4-6am.  Divine Liturgy: 8:30-10am