1) If you're staying at the monastery overnight please bring your own Bible, Agpia, and spiritual reading material. Please also bring your own bed linen (or sleeping bag), towels, and food. You are welcome to use the monastery’s communal kitchen for the preparation of meals.

2) Retreatants may follow their own spiritual programme provided that they attend the Synaxis, Midnight Praises, Vespers and Liturgies.

3) Being a special and holy place, modesty is requested at the monastery with regard to makeup and general attire. If you're coming for overnight retreat, please bring a headscarf (to be worn during times of prayer), a mid-length to long skirt (i.e. at least midway between the knees and ankles), and socks which are to be worn at all times in the monastery’s common areas. If you're coming for a day trip, please bring a headscarf, skirt, and socks to wear during any prayers or liturgical services.

4) Please refrain from using electronic devices, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, iPads, laptops, and tablets at the monastery for the duration of your stay so that you may gain spiritual benefit from your retreat. Emergency calls can be made from the monastery’s landline if required. Secular magazines and newspapers are also not permitted.

5) Alcohol, smoking, and addictive substances are strictly prohibited. 

6) We kindly request that do not take any photographs of the nuns.

7) Please do not eat or drink in the upstairs rooms.

8) We kindly ask that you keep the monastery clean and tidy at all times, and request that you clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and your rooms at the end of your stay.

9) We also ask that you please walk and talk quietly in the monastery at all times so as not to disturb others and to help us maintain the peaceful nature of the monastery.